Mathew 3 – Repentenance

Matthew 3:5-9 Hello all, praise God for his mercy and grace today. Well, i have been busy, but still commencing on my devotions. i have two, actually three installments to post but i will do two today. Our study will be in Matthew chapter 3. Here we see the ministry of John the Baptist, cousin […]


Grace and Joy, Family. It’s the New Year and with comes God’s new mercies and grace upon our lives.  With this New Year also comes new opportunities and possibilities, new adventures and new trials, and renewed determination and renewed commitment.  This New Year, I have determined to not make a resolution, but make a new […]

Welcome to Our NEW Revamped Website.

  We are please about our new look! Please bare with us as we are still reconstructing our new site, however we welcome you to watch us grow! We will have all our Bible Studies, Devotionals, Video Sermons and blogs uploaded real soon as we move into 2018. We pray you have a Glorious and […]

Welcome to Pew 2 Pulpit Ministries

Pew 2 Pulpit Ministries’ purpose is to evangelize and equip devoted individuals to be soul winners and strong Christian soldiers for the Lord. We call this ministry “Pew 2 Pulpit” because no matter what the format is, whether it is in the church building, on the corner or seated on the bus, we want to […]